From the archives: July 2013

Monthly meeting: July 7, 2013 from 2-5 pm at the Tiffany’s home, Mill Fleurs, 27 Cafferty Rd, Point Pleasant, PA (Pipersville, PA, 18947 on Google & Bing, Tinicum, PA in some GPS devices). If you have questions about directions, let me, or Barbara/Robert Tiffany know. Bring snacks to share. Agenda is below.

Please RSVP by this Friday, July 5th, if you plan to come this Sunday. At least one of us will be attending by phone (not recommended, but needed), and we will use the following conference line — but let us know if we should expect you by phone.

AGENDA: Other than an update on a meeting we had with Bob Hillier, legendary architect, the agenda centers around planning the Aug 3/4 working session, which will also be held at the Tiffany’s home:

  • Topics that should be covered regarding the weekend, including objectives (outcomes) that we want to reach for each part of the agenda, roles of those leading/facilitating that topic, preparation, and any means of getting to those outcomes that we can convey to Max Rivers, facilitator, as we finalize the process/flow of the meeting with him
  • Logistics including food purchasing, food prep, overnight sleeping, parking, meeting/greeting, cleanup; what each of us must bring for various parts of the weekend, for ourselves and whatever responsibilities we are taking on
  • Morms, rules, expectations of the hosts, as well as other members of each other
  • In addition to the core team, how we will include people who are interested, but not ready to participate in the development of the EcoVillage on an ongoing basis; if we decide not to include them for the whole weekend, what parts of the agenda would they be able to contribute to and find most value in, and on what grounds will they participate (e.g., decision-making)
  • Who is going to take what we create on July 7th and make sure Max Rivers provides expert input to the design/process in order to get the results expected, and the agenda is finalized, including any “homework” to be brought to the weekend (if needed)

We need the August 3/4 agenda finalized by July 22, including who is coming to this working session.

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