August 2013 Weekend Preparations

For those attending this event, please click here to let know us what you’re bringing:
Aug 3-4 Food Coordination — thanks.

For those not attending, but who are part of or interested in following the development of the Ecovillage, I’m happy to share some of my own thoughts about the topics that will be discussed, and invite your comments. Since our goal is to come out with a practical plan for developing the community’s physical and spiritual environment, we will certainly share here the results and outcomes of these conversations. It may also be possible to engage interactively with others, if the group decides to use online tools with which to share the discussions in real time.

The main goals are (a) to establish a framework for us to engage in “compassionate and collaborative communication,” with the help of NVC coach Max Rivers; (b) to engage in several kinds of visioning processes, in order to align our goals and expectations; and (c) to work through financial models, development budgets, bylaws and other agreements. You’re welcome to post thoughts and comments here or elsewhere on the site, and we’ll get notified of them and try to respond. Thanks

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3 Responses to August 2013 Weekend Preparations

  1. Tracy Bleakney says:

    Hello, I find the concept of this community very interesting and am wondering if there is any progress being made in identifying a site for it?
    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately this group has now disbanded, after discovering that (a) the members were divided as to the extent to which “spirituality” should be the driving force in the community, and (b) when an actual property became available, none of the members was actually willing to move. But we all learned a lot in the process, and acquired some new good friends.

  2. Linda says:

    re: this weekend, April 3-4

    (I learned of your wonderful Eco Village via an email from Ute.)

    Would love to know if either Saturday or Sunday this weekend is open to those of us very interested in Eco Village, but who have not previously attended meetings?

    If so, which day and from what time to what time? Thank you.

    Peace, love and light,

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