NJ Ecovillage and Cohousing Survey

We invite you to take this survey and give us your views on our cohousing / ecovillage initiatives. Please note:

  • You may wish to scan through the entire questionnaire before answering it.
  • The survey asks that you do some research (about an hour’s worth of looking at the web sites of existing communities) before completing most of the questions;
  • You may wish to do this research ahead of time, to avoid breaking up the flow to stop and do the research in the middle.

However, you can save and resume your survey form at any time.

NJ Ecovillage and Cohousing Survey

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Please share with us your preferences and interests regarding ecovillages and cohousing, many of which are aimed at finding out how serious, how ready, and how committed you are to creating or joining or investing in a community, and under what circumstances or conditions. 

Most questions are optional, so you can address only what's of interest to you, but we do want to confirm or update your contact information and your interest in being part of the larger planning group or the core team.

Through the next series of questions, we'd like to ask you to describe your ideal cohousing neighborhood or community.

Apart from direct experience, impressions of and knowledge about existing communities can help you to envision the kind of community you'd like to see created in New Jersey. Our group discussions could also become "more tangible" if people were able to cite models of what they have in mind. So please take an hour or two to browse the websites of existing communities. You can find links to some of these at https://www.ecovillagenj.org/links/.

The average size of a single-family home in the U.S. is 2,700 square feet (up from 1,400 sf in 1970). Minimum apartment size in most communities is 400 sf.

Thanks for providing answers to these questions; they will help us evaluate your interests and needs, and shape our approach to building a neighborhood or community. 

2 Responses to NJ Ecovillage and Cohousing Survey

  1. Perry Rastogi says:

    We should reach decision makers fast. If we take too much time, people will loose interest

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