This Sunday – the Opportunity to Join a New Ecovillage/Cohousing Initiative

Welcome, Fellow Founders

We’re launching an effort to create a new ecovillage/cohousing neighborhood in central New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania. We have some pretty definite ideas of what we want: (a) a site of 10+ acres that could be ecologically restored/enhanced with permaculture; (b) a variety of building styles; (c) agricultural potential; (d) a receptive local community (e) carbon-neutral (or “carbon positive”), (f) nondenominational (g) all of us being interested in both the natural ecosystem and the human one.

Who’s the “we” in this initiative? The core group consists of four individuals / households, combining experience, intention, and understanding of what it takes to establish a new eco-community. Some of us are focused more on the eco- part or more on the community; in reality both are needed, at the level appropriate to each.

Ecologically, our goal is to restore and enhance a degraded property, in such a way that the humans living on the land and its natural inhabitants can coexist for the benefit of the place and of all life. Socially, our goal is to build a cohesive, collaborative, and congenial community made up of individuals who are effective at living and working together towards common goals, and find a municipality that will welcome us and that we can contribute to. Join us online this Sunday to find out more about how you can become involved.

Building a Post-Pandemic Community

Sunday, May 24, from 2-4 pm

Please RSVP for this event.

Please note that this is not our regular Zoom meeting room. You must be registered to attend the event (limited to 100 participants).

If you’re not able to attend the event, but want more information, please email Thanks.

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3 Responses to This Sunday – the Opportunity to Join a New Ecovillage/Cohousing Initiative

  1. Ileen Depasquale says:

    I am interested in your group…one thing I’m not clear on though….are you an all age community or an over 55 community?

  2. Joseph N. Caucci says:

    My wife and I are retired. We had a house that was old and too much for us. After retiring, we traveled and now rent. Your plans are interesting. Would there be opportunities for us to buy in or rent? We live near Philly, my son not that far away. We like New Jersey. Taxes are high in Jersey though. Ocean City we like the most.
    Maybe 30 minutes from the beach? Can you add me to your newsletter? Housing is so expensive. Are you looking into prefabricated housing. Elon Musk lives in one. Cost 50k.

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