Reminder: Saturday, September 7, 2019: End-of-Summer Party for Cohousing Community

Music, Food, & Community:
Come Celebrate Our Progress on Saturday, Sept 7, 6-10 p.m.

Let’s celebrate our milestone accomplishments with the wider Cohousing Community in NJ and the Region. Could this be an annual affair?

Whether you’ve been involved with Ecovillage New Jersey (EVNJ) — or if you’ve just heard about us, you’re invited to an evening of Music, Great Food & Community!

Saturday, September 7, 6 – 10 pm
8 Revere Drive, Basking Ridge (or Bedminster, depending on GPS)

Live Music + Potluck + BYO
Suggested donation: $10 (tax-deductible if requested)

Our new Cohousing Development Cooperative represents a milestone accomplishment for EVNJ and the surrounding NY/PA/DE region. We are inviting people who’ve gotten us to a new stage in our evolution, from NJ, eastern PA, the Hudson Valley & Metro NY. Community is what we are creating as we foster and build Cohousing and Ecovillage Communities in the region.

We’d love you to come — whether you have:

  • never been to an Ecovillage NJ Meetup, or
  • been at an Ecovillage NJ Meetup over the past several years, or
  • participated in the June 5th Cohousing Workshop at the Hyatt New Brunswick with national guru, Chuck Durrett, or
  • been part of the creation of the EVNJ Cohousing Development Cooperative, over the past two months, or
  • you’re building a cohousing or ecovillage community in the region!

What we’re up for creating is a truly regenerative community — one that, in the words of our friends at Regenesis:

  • creates net positive benefit to natural, cultural and economic systems
  • understands its unique identity — inspiring new possibilities, and continuously better practices, for partnering human and natural systems
  • provides enduring value — inspiring people to embrace whole community change — creating ongoing health throughout every system.

Timeline for the evening:
6 pm – 10 pm Potluck and BYO
7 pm and beyond, Concert and sing-along with:
Elaine “Faerie” Silver
Kathy Moser
Kyrie London

Suggested donation: $10, by check at the event or

Questions/comments, or if you’d like to volunteer to be there early to prepare, or late, to clean up, contact Victoria Zelin 908 507 3150.

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