Reclaiming Our Place as a Commons

Sunday, February 23, Noon-4 p.m.

Re-taking the Land for the Commons,
Place by Place

with Joel Rothschild

Princeton Integral Yoga Community Center
301 N Harrison St #1E · Princeton, NJ

Joel Rothschild, Ecovillagers Alliance

“As Community Land Cooperatives gain ownership of land, neighborhoods gain security as a place for community. CLC holdings won’t be sold to speculators, developers, or gentrifiers. They won’t be ‘flipped,’ or suddenly cost double the price. Household and business equity in the neighborhood will tend toward more equitable distribution among members, without recourse to paternalistic state or philanthropic programs, and market shocks like the Great Recession won’t periodically liquidate the neighborhood’s real estate for the easy picking of outside investors.”

Joel is an ecovillage organizer with a social-change vision. Find out more at

He’ll join us again at our February Meetup, with our usual fabulous potluck, and an update from our community leaders in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Please let us know if you can attend!



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