Local Action Circles to Meet Next Week (March 6-7-8)

Do you want to live in an Ecovillage? Then you must help us build one. Where do you want to live? In a city, town, suburb. or in a rural setting?

Join us next week as we plan for our new homes together in cooperation and harmony with nature. We will be researching suitable locations, local real estate and zoning laws, and laws restricting the arrangements, technologies, and activities we expect to have in our village. We will also do outreach to the community, and align with existing organizations and cooperatives. Help us make Ecovillages a reality in the Garden State!

Urban Action Circle
Monday March 6, at 7 PM
The Home of Larry White
100 Huguenot Ave. Apt. 6 B
Englewood NJ (Exit 71 on the Turnpike, Grand Ave. on Rt. 4)
917 968-8462

RSVP by phone please!

Town/Suburb Action Circle
Tuesday, March 7, at 7 p.m.
The Home of Fran Schultz
280 Main Street Little Falls, NJ

If you are new to the group or just checking us out come anyway. For any newcomers to this group, be sure to park in a visitor parking space, when you come in my building there is a buzzer panel to the left of the door.  If that doesn’t work for some reason call my cell (973-803-2896) Please RSVP to let me know if you plan on coming.

Rural Action Circle
Wednesday, March 8, at 7 PM
The Home of Victoria Zelin and Jonathan Cloud
8 Revere Dr., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

[Note: Use “Bedminster” in Google Maps, because we’re right on the town line]
908-581-8418 or 908-507-3150

We’ll be talking about everything related to building an ecovillage, growing food, creating a co-op, and supporting other enterprises, specifically focused on the sites we’ve recently been discussing. If you would like to attend, but can’t be here in person, you can call in via Skype (just let us know if that’s your preference). Please RSVP to jcloud@crcsolutions.org. Thanks 

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