Action Packed Meetup this Sunday In Princeton

Have we got a Meetup for you!

Sunday, February 19 — Noon to 4:00pm
794 Alexander Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

After our traditional noon to 1 pm pot luck lunch, we will have Jack Carman, President of Design for Generations LLC, a landscape architect with over 20 years of experience in the analysis, planning, design and management of outdoor spaces. The goal of Jack’s designs for permaculture gardens and natural areas is to meet the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of elders. His experience could be readily applicable within the ecovillage context. Jack recently visited the Ecovillage at Ithaca and is very supportive of the concept.

Next we take ACTION! Our newly formed Action Circles will meet and fold new members into the planning for an Ecovillage in an Urban, Town/Suburban, and Rural site. Choose where you want to live, and help to make it real! We will also hear about progress in obtaining sites, and visits to existing Ecovillages.

Finally we have Richard Nelson, inventor of the Solaroof Agripod, a vertical vegetable/fish farm in a permaculture system, and resistant to climate change. He is currently supervising projects in Norway, Iceland, and Canada to build Agripods, and looking for the first in America. Could it be in New Jersey?

Are you ready to take THE PLEDGE? If you want to build and live in an Ecovillage, you have to help us make it happen! We need 25 people in our 3 Action Circles to commit to monthly dues and/or volunteer hours to bring our 3 projects to fruition. Will you be one of them?

RSVP today at

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2 Responses to Action Packed Meetup this Sunday In Princeton

  1. carrie says:

    I am interested in being a part of the action circle. I currently live in Montgomery NJ and would like to live in an eco-village. Please let me know how I can help as well as more details on the action circle. thanks

    • Hi carrie:

      The original action circles are no longer active, but we do have a core group discussion every couple of weeks, and I’ll send you an invitation for the next one. The big thing we’re doing this month is the trip to Ithaca on the 21st. Let us know if you’re interested in going. Thanks

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