Why Sign Up for a Carpool?

Many people have asked about carpooling to EcoVillage Meetups. We now have a way to do this and request that you sign up — whether or not you need a ride or you can offer a ride. Why?
  • You may enable someone(s) to attend that wouldn’t have come, otherwise.
  • You’ll save carbon emissions — we are about living lightly on the earth at Ecovillage NJ!
  • If you share a ride, you’ll be able to share your interests and meet like-minded people — who knows what connections and opportunities you’ll come away with!
Click here to add your location and contact info to our Carpool list. You’ll immediately be able to see others needing/offering a ride. Please call or email each other to make arrangements.
If you have a better method, please let us know at vzelin@crcsolutions.org and jcloud@crcsolutions.org!
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