Tour the World’s First Hydrogen House on April 29

Renewable energy expert Mike Strizki has invited our group to tour his innovative Hydrogen House.

Mike Strizki and his home’s hydrogen fuel cell

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018
Noon-4 p.m.
Location: 26 Snydertown Rd, Hopewell, New Jersey 08525

Hydrogen is the element that fuels the Sun. Mike has retrofitted his home in Hopewell to convert solar energy into hydrogen gas. The gas provides clean electricity by way of hydrogen fuel cells and can be stored indefinitely. He even runs his fuel cell car with the hydrogen his home system produces for free! Unlike fossil fuels that release CO2 and other emissions when burned, Strizki’s clean energy systems require no oil or gas wells to be drilled and emit only chemically pure water and oxygen.

As usual, on April 29 we’ll start at Noon with a pot-luck luncheon; please bring a dish to share. The house tour will begin at 1:00.

Mike Strizki served as Project Engineer for over 16 years with the Office of Research and Technology in the NJ Department of Transportation where he developed renewable energy technologies. In 2000 he took a position at Millennium Cell in Eatontown, where he completed a world range record with the New Jersey Genesis electric car (a distance of over 400 miles on a single refueling).

It was in 2006 that he converted his own home to run on solar-hydrogen power, including a hydrogen vehicle fueling station. He has installed similar configurations in the homes of some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

Recently he launched a non-profit organization, the “Hydrogen House Project,” which he envisions becoming a beacon for renewable energy worldwide, conducting research and development projects with the latest in solar, hydrogen, fuel cell and other clean energy technologies. The organization will share its achievements with the world through public education, student internships, and private and public partnerships.

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2 Responses to Tour the World’s First Hydrogen House on April 29

  1. DrLarry Sabel DC says:

    Thanks to John &
    Victoria for the hospitality and grace of your home in the last event.
    Dr LarrySabelDC
    Namaste…C: 609-864-6986

  2. Dr LarrySabelDC says:

    Thank you Victoria &
    John for hosting the event on August 18 in the hospitality you beautiful home.
    The singers, including Elaine Silver and especially Kyrie London- were fabulous!
    I look forward to discovering more about the eco-village vision at your next event.
    Namaste , Dr LarrySabelDC c;609-864-6986@0

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