Agenda: June 2013

Time: Meeting 2-5 pm
Location: Brothers Moon, 7 West Broad Street, Hopewell, NJ 

2:00-2:15  Introduction Ute will open with a poem. Meet visitors.

2:15-2:30  Update and discussion on land purchase and detailing land criteria for our EcoVillage

2:30-4:30 Visioning Session (designed and facilitated by Jennifer Dowd) In this visioning session, we will develop a vision statement that will function as a focal point to align decision-making, drive thinking and corresponding actions, and motivate each individual to act within his/ her sphere of influence in order to progress towards our common vision.

The relationship between the vision and the mission: The vision drives and inspires action. It is the greatest common factor. The mission describes what the group is going to do in order to fulfill the vision. We will modify the mission statement drafted by one of our committees, based on the visioning process.

4:30-5:00 Round Robin of action items/accountabilities, feedback; and listening to and hearing people who have been preoccupied with concerns. Brainstorming the agenda for the working weekend, July 13-14 August 3-4.

Group  Closure

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  1. Judy says:

    NEW DATE: Weekend Retreat is scheduled for Aug. 3-4th. Join us!

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