Save the Date: June 4 Event Joins North and South Jersey Ecovillagers

We’ve had separate groups meeting in the north/central part of the state (Ecovillage New Jersey) and the southern part of the state (Ecovillage South Jersey). Every once in a while we should all get together to socialize, exchange notes, learn new things, and have some fun!

For the June 4, 2017 3 p.m. Meetup we’ve selected a location halfway between Bergen County (way up north) and Cape May County (way down south) — the beautiful Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center in Ocean County:

431 US Hwy. 9 at Church Lane, Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734-0246

Further information and additional directions are available at Murray Grove’s website:

We’ll gather at 3:00 for a two-hour meeting and then enjoy a picnic-style potluck dinner starting at 5:00 (please bring a dish to share). The fun part will be an open-mic do-your-thing after-dinner jamboree (so also bring your guitar or tambourine or poetry to share).

We’ll be announcing our “Get It Built” contest: If the South Jersey group is first to construct an ecovillage and move in, then selected members from the North/Central group will be obligated to serve (and do the dishes) for their first Common House meal — or vice versa. In either case, ecovillagers from all around the state will be welcome at that special meal. Toward that end, on June 4 we’ll be focusing on How To Get It Built!

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