Ready for A Farm-Based Ecovillage? Time to Make Decisions

You might have heard that we have our eye on a particular 15-acre property located very near to the Montclair-Boonton line of NJ Transit. The property is suitable for agriculture and we’re envisioning a potential farming ecovillage on the site. But we have to move fast to make some preliminary decisions.

So rather than a full public Meetup in July we’ve scheduled a special meeting of the project’s core group. This will be an intensive decision-making meeting for serious players only:

Potluck — Sunday, July 9 at 12 noon – 4 p.m.
8 Revere Drive, Bedminster

Our core group numbers about ten individuals who have committed significant amounts of time and money over the years. They’ve guided the project, but they’d welcome more in the way of executive and administrative help. If you’re in a position to possibly offer such help, feel free to join in these special discussions on July 9.

Be cognizant, though, that this won’t be a regular social/educational Meetup, it will be a working meeting, and those attending should be prepared to become contributors at a core group level of commitment.

We will also be clarifying our approaches to identifying and vetting potential properties.

If you have any question as to whether or not you should plan to attend, feel free to call Victoria at 908-507-3150.

Please RSVP to

Note: The property owner is also looking for help with some of the farm activities.  She writes, “If there are members who could provide assistance in installing the electric fence – that help would be greatly appreciated.  The fence-wire measures 1/4 mile, and each line must be attached – one at a time – to complete the circuit.” If you’re interested in this kind of hands-on activity, please contact Jonathan Cloud at Thanks

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