November 2012 Meeting Minutes

EcoVillage Meeting Notes
Attendees: Ute, Laurie, Ray, Judy, Sophia, Cameron,
Christine, Madison, Vanessa, Lois, Jennifer, Barbara, Robert,  Renate, Joe, Douglas, Susan, Quentin, Celia, Victoria,  Jonathan,  Joelle, Illia

We began with brief introductions.

Ute asked us to meditate on the following…

What is your life’s plan that has brought you to this evening?

What is the quality of energy you are bringing to this group?

How will your ongoing attunement to this energy shape your life’s plan, and therefore the future of this group?

and we broke into groups of 3-4 people to discuss our answers.

Ute then brought up the idea of working together on a project in an effort to help each of us get to know the others in our group so we can become more cohesive and build a collective energy to strengthen our community.

The date has been set for December 16 at a church in New Hope on Mechanic

We have sent in an application and are waiting to hear back from them. (In an email sent this morning, Vanessa said the church is always open and encouraged any of us to go and look at the space.)

Illia suggested advertising that all or a percentage of proceeds will go to Sandy Relief Fund. There was some discussion around that as some members felt that a large portion of the funds should go into a “kitty” for our EcoVillage and some members felt that all of the money should go to the Sandy Relief Fund. (After talking with various members individually, it seems that a majority of us would rather work towards something greater than ourselves for this project and dedicate our time and money to those at the Jersey shore who have lost everything and are struggling just to survive.)

We will be discussing this event further at Ute’s house this Saturday. (See the
email sent earlier today with the subject line “This Saturday”.)

The last 15 minutes was intended to be spent watching a video by Marko Pogacnik that addressed the meaning of the planetary weather changes and the concept of landscape temples, geomancy, etc. However, we were unable to adjust the volume. Christine and I will figure out a way to distribute it to everyone, either by email link or DVD copy.

We did not set another meeting date. Again, after speaking with various members individually, it seems that weeknights are a challenge and most of us would prefer Sunday afternoon meetings. This way, the children can be more involved and we can be home  early enough to prepare ourselves for the coming week.

Additionally, for those who missed it, the following was passed around:


a Holistic Experience of Life

Heart centered communication with people and nature to move from intellectual
dominance to emotional, sensory, and spiritual intelligence



-creative  problem solving

Building Emotional and Sensory Intelligence to be in tune with our Spiritual


-Healing Arts

-Creative Arts

-Conscious Nature dialogue through planting and harvesting

-Holistic Educational programs for children and adults

Self Sustainability to live lightly on MOTHER EARTH

-Alternative Energy sources

-Clustered housing

-Land conservation

-Organic farming

-Self Healing

-Education/International Exchange Programs

-Cottage industry

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