Notes for 2013

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to those who replied.  Attached are all the responses I received for the worksheet and committee sign ups.  I am publishing on behalf of the group:

1) responses from the worksheet

2) a list of committees and members

3) membership status.



Please see below.


Please note that there are two new committees that were suggested and added at the bottom of the chart in case anyone is interested. One is planning social events for the group and the other is running fundraising events.  No one volunteered to lead a committee so please work it out among yourselves…someone please take the first step and arrange for a meeting.

Up for discussion: should the Working Weekend Committee be “all hands”?  It’s a large, pivotal event for our group and it would make sense for everyone to be involved in the planning and preparation in addition to atttending.  We can split up into sub-committees just like the holiday bazaar so that there is something for everyone (content, activity, format, logistics, meals, supplies, childcare, etc).  Yes, No?

In general, the survey indicated that most new tools were helpful and should be used at the next meeting.  Having a large open space where everyone can see each other was also very helpful to the meeting productivity and atmosphere.  I will publish suggestions once I receive more from you…basically looking for whether you think we should continue with same format for our next meeting.  Yes/No?


Based on replies, we are set as follows: Feb 16th, March 9th ,April 6, May 4, June 1, July 13 (due to holiday), August 3, Sept 14th (due to holiday), Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, and Dec. 7th.   Meetings run from 2-5pm with optional potluck dinner to follow.  We need to determine location.


As for the Working Weekend, Barbara and Tiff are not available.  I will send out a separate email soliciting availability for April.

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