Agenda: March 2013

EcoVillage General Meeting – March 9, 2013

Time : 3-6pm + optional post-meeting gathering at a local café

Location: Soulutions, 126 N State St, Newtown, PA


All – bring a healthful snack to share during the meeting

Ute – open and close meeting

Jonathan – facilitate meeting


I. Meeting Format and Introductions (10 min)

II. Review of Last Meeting – What did we learn, to carry forward?

(Distinction between Agreement and Alignment; Victoria will

point to other learnings from the last meeting that will be

valuable to carry forward, e.g., Fact vs. Interpretation, “Looking

Good,” etc.) (20 min)

III. New Distinction: (Context/Process/Content) – V. Zelin (10 min)

IV.  Creating our “Context” as a Community (i.e. an Aligned Future)

Inner work vs. outer work, how we relate to each other and to

the rules/accountabilities, philosophy, membership, etc.

Vision/mission, which is part of “context,” will be focused on at

the Working Weekend (25 min)

V. Committee Presentations, especially “Finding land” committee

and “visiting communities” committee – Each committee will

have a spokesperson present a summary of their findings and

next steps (10 min maximum/committee) – PLUS – the group

brainstorms and generates a “mandate” and/or a list of things

for each committee, so each committee has a better sense of

what the group is looking for from the committee – 40 min total

VI.  NVC Proposal – (5 min) (Non-Violent Communication)

IV. Working Weekend – discussion of agenda (30 min)

V. Reflection (10 min) Total: 2 h 30 m

****more, over****

Please note:

We are still looking for brief biographies from all members that we can

hand out to current and new members. Please see attached template.

Biography Template

Please complete the following. This Biography will be published for

current and visiting members.

Your Full Name:

Name of your family members and age of children:

Your Vision of the EcoVillage

: “ I envision..”

Your Skills/Talents/Profession:

Your Interests/Hobbies:

The Role you see fulfilling in our EcoVillage:

“ I see myself

contributing to the EcoVillage by


Your Contact Info

Mailing Address

Email Address

Cell Phone

Home Phone

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