March 10: Let’s Organize an Ecovillage Co-op!

Join us on Sunday, March 10, 2019 to hear about the progress being made by the Ecovillagers Alliance (EVA) toward organizing the world’s first real estate investment cooperative dedicated to establishing ecovillage cohousing neighborhoods. EVA’s unique vision is based on an exciting new model of how ecovillages can be owned and democratically governed as community land co-ops.

Sunday March 10, 2019 — Noon to 4:00pm
2 Clerico Lane, Hillsborough, NJ

We’ve all wondered how we can build affordability and participation into our dream of intentional community. Joel Rothschild, a founder of EVA, will report on how the cooperative model is being applied in the development of an ecovillage neighborhood in Lancaster, PA, where he lives.

The Ecovillagers Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of educators, healers, storytellers, and organizers dedicated to cultivating Community Land Co-ops in service to ecovillagers and ecovillage neighborhoods across the US.

Joel writes:

Our co-op will empower its member-owners to cooperatively plan, develop, finance, and steward a mix of residential and commercial property in communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Their development model has the potential to revolutionize our movement! For more information, see

On March 10 we’ll begin the day with a pot-luck luncheon, as usual. We’re all hoping for an early spring, so consider bringing a spring food to share:

Spring also seems like a good time to launch a new initiative. We hope to have some exciting news to share with the group very soon! Come and be the first to learn about our new strategy.


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