Join an Action Circle to Grow an Ecovillage Near You

Ecovillage NJ is forming Action Circles to actively plan and grow 1 to 4 cooperative communities in the Garden State in the next 2 years.

We have 4 circles to choose from: urban, town, suburban, and rural. Our first meetings are next week, and listed below. We will be discussing structure, decision making within the circle, assigning tasks to be completed between meetings, and conference calls for task groups. We anticipate monthly meetings of the action circles in addition to the monthly Meetups, and will have shorter meetings at the Meetups to absorb new members and follow up on business and tasks.We have hundreds of people on our mailing list. This year, we are asking for one hundred of you to step forward and make a commitment of time and money to make this dream a reality. Whether you are ready to move into an Ecovillage, or just want to be a part of their birth, we invite you to step up your involvement. We will not succeed without your vision, passion, and energy! If you are unable to attend, contact the host for the meeting of your choice, and join us on Feb. 19th in Princeton for our monthly Meetup and fold into the circle there. (For locations and contact information, continue reading...)

We’re looking forward to your deepening involvement in growing ecovillages in the Garden State!

Rural Ecovillage – Monday Feb. 6 @ 7 PM
Where: the home of Mara Farmer
34 Taylor St. High Bridge, NJ 08829
Facilitator: Jonathan Cloud

Urban Ecovillage – Monday Feb. 6 @ 7 PM
Where: The home of Glynis Martin
The Lofts @ Arts District Warehouse
407 Mulberry St. and Rt. 21 4th Floor
Newark NJ 07102
973 477-6907
Parking on Urgent Care side of building, and freight elevator on the tire shop side of building
Facilitator: Larry White

Town Ecovillage – Tuesday Feb. 7 @ 7 PM
Where: The home of Fran Schultz
280 Main St. # 410
Little Falls NJ 07424
973 890-5893
Call above number to be buzzed in
Facilitator: Larry White

Suburban Ecovillage – Thursday Feb. 9 @ 7 PM
Where: The home of Victoria Zelin and Jonathan Cloud
8 Revere Dr.
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
908 581-8418
Facilitators: Jonathan and Victoria


We’ve also started developing a new community tool to assist our members in moving into action, to begin to organize into local groups who can focus on specific places for building ecovillages and cohousing neighborhoods.

To get this going, we’ve created a set of pages where people can sign up, create and maintain a profile, and communicate with each other and the core team. To access this network, click on Action Circles in the menu and follow the directions there. (Please be aware the system is still displaying some error messages, but is actually working correctly.)

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