Holiday Party & EcoVillagers Cooperative pre-Launch!

Come and celebrate our first Ecovillage NJ Holiday Party! We’ll start with our traditional potluck at noon — accompanied by live music — and then will convene sometime after 2 pm for news, sharing, learning and discussion. This may be the best opportunity to bring children, as we will spend a good amount of time just getting to know each other.

Sunday, December 11, 2016 —  to

Zelin / Cloud Home — 8 Revere Drive, Bedminster, NJ*

Added attraction!! We’ll be privileged to be entertained by the folksinger and “Bard Insurgent” Tom Neilson. Tom won the 2016 IMA Peoples Choice “Song of the Year for Social Action” award. Combining art with activism, he’s appeared with Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman, Cesar Chavez, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Howard Zinn and many others. Now he’ll be able to add EcoVillage New Jersey to that illustrious list!

Join us to hear our plans and participate with the EcoVillagers Alliance (EVA). EVA is a group of professionals who have developed a cooperative-based process for establishing ecovillage communities — which will be the focus of an inaugural regional EcoVillagers Cooperative (EVC) Assembly in the spring.

Important! We have a growing number of study groups that are gathering between the monthly Meetups. If you are not yet part of a study group, need to change your group or want to join one, please email or call Victoria Zelin at or 908 507 3150.

This month’s study groups are doing an exercise to deeply understand our own and each others’ motivations for wanting to live in community. This is a foundational step for living and working together, harmoniously, effectively and efficiently. At our December meeting, we will hear some of the stories and themes that emerged from the study groups’ work. Here is the introduction to the exercise, from Brooke Loving Bagwell; instructions for the exercise will be circulated to study group leaders shortly.

As we progress in this work, we, as Ecovillagers Alliance, have become increasingly aware of the importance of relationship-building in Ecovillage organizing. In recognizing that an ecovillage is not a product, but rather a process, we seek to bring a renewed focus and priority to human connection in our work.

With this intention in mind, it is important to share with each other your hopes, dreams, and fears. What are the experiences that have shaped you to be the person you are today? What are your deeper interests for pursuing ecovillage life?

We hope this activity prompts the kind of self- and group-discovery  from which we build the foundation of Ecovillagers Cooperative.

  • (Technically, we’re in Basking Ridge, but the best way to find us on Google Maps is to use Bedminster.) Please park on Revere Drive. #8 is in the first court on left. Walk straight into court and into our driveway. Special Needs: pull tightly into driveway which holds 4 cars, or, on circle (NOT on the pavement leading into the court, please).
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