Ecovillagers Cooperative: who we are, where we are going

We are a new Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC) seeking to organize, incubate, and invest in shared-equity, cooperatively-owned neighborhoods across the United States, beginning with a 2017 phase focused on Mid-Atlantic cities.

Before building ecovillages, we are building an investment and solidarity network.

The January 2017 Ecovillagers Cooperative General Assembly will mark the official incorporation of the REIC and serve to unite prospective member-owners from across the Mid-Atlantic region for one weekend to:

  1. Educate participants on cooperative neighborhood investment, ownership, and governance
  2. Empower participants to take action in their own communities
  3. Create a strong social fabric and shared values to build upon
  4. Incorporate our REIC to make cooperative investment and ownership legal and accessible

Interested in taking part? Register for the January 2017 Ecovillagers Cooperative General Assembly. Registration opens in November.

For more information or to participate, contact Victoria Zelin at or 908-507-3150.

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2 Responses to Ecovillagers Cooperative: who we are, where we are going

  1. Elizabeth Seaton-Frankfort says:

    I am inquiring both on behalf of an older friend and myself, having turned 60. I’ve been interested in co-housing since the late 1970’s, when I first read about them — I believe in Co-Evolution Quarterly. Info, please!

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