Being Proactive about Diversity in Cohousing

Would you like to have diversity in our group . . . but don’t know how to go about it? Are you challenged with how to deal with race issues? Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a big divide between white people and people of color?

Two trainers, Bonnie Cushing and Awo Okaikor Aryee-Price, from People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, will be giving us a two-hour taste of their Undoing Racism Workshop. The workshop illuminates how systemic racism works.

The link below features Ron Chisom, the co-founder of the Institute:

We’ll gather in Bloomfield (25 Yantecaw Avenue) for our Meetup on November 11, and we’ll start with a potluck luncheon at Noon, as usual. Please bring a dish to share. The program will begin at 1:00.

This nation has always reflected a rich diversity, from the innumerable multitude of indigenous cultures that inhabited and sustained this land prior to arrival of European explorers to our present composition. Yet, unequivocally, whites continue to fare significantly better than people of color. In their workshops, Bonnie and Awo analyze power and how it is used to maintain this racial divide, in hopes of achieving equity and equality across all cultures and races. Surely our intended community could benefit from multiculturalist perspectives and a variety of life experiences.

The fabric of racism is inextricably woven and constructed into the founding principles of the United States. The People’s Institute believes that effective social and institutional change happens when those who serve as agents of transformation understand the foundations of race and racism and how they continually function as a barrier to community self-determination and self-sufficiency. Join us on November 11 when we’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of their unique wisdom and inspiration.

RSVP to Mary … 973-954-0572 or (and/or at the Meetup page).

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