There’s a better way to live . . .
– Participate in community
– Relate to the land
– Interact with your neighbors
– Simplify your life

Help Us Create An Ecovillage in New Jersey!

Ecovillages are communities that strive to integrate a supportive social environment with a low-impact way of life. To achieve this, they incorporate various aspects of ecological design, cohousing, permaculture, green building, alternative energy, and much more. There are over a hundred such communities in the United States and thousands all around the world.

By creating the context for lifestyles which are “successfully continuable into the indefinite future,” ecovillages are living models of sustainability and examples of how action can be taken immediately toward resolving some of the most pressing problems of our times. Since 1998 ecovillages have been included on the United Nations’ Top 100 Listing of Best Practices.

A group is forming to work toward establishing the first ecovillage in New Jersey. Our goal will be to enrich life by building a community that prioritizes supportive social structures and a healthy relationship with nature. We welcome you to join our project, whether you’re interested in future residence or simply helping to realize a vision of a better way to live!

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“There is one way forward: the creation of flesh and blood examples of low-consumption, high-quality alternatives to the mainstream pattern of life. And nothing — no amount of argument or research — will take the place of such living proof. What people must see is that ecologically sane, socially responsible living is good living; that simplicity, thrift, and reciprocity make for an existence that is free.”
— Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends

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  1. sandra vdK Snider says:

    I love Your website.Love the whole Idea,am just too far away at the moment.
    I would like to get information from time to time,and will let You know when I can do something to help. Sandra

  2. Elizabeth Mackenzie says:

    This is my dream too! To live in a healing arts community in the country! Write! Play! Heal! Dance! Garden! Sounds idyllic.

  3. Hi Friends! This is an interesting and vital idea and I am so happy to know about it. While I am not at a stage in my life where I can be involved in a significant way, I am doing ecojustice work and I know that communities like this one will need to be built if we want a sustainable and livable future.

    I will be at a meditation retreat on Aug 3-4 but I look forward to hearing about the outcome of that weekend.

    Blessings on your work together in support of Mother Earth and our human community.

  4. carrie says:

    I want to live in an ecovillage! I live in Somerset county NJ and am currently looking for land as a starting point. I am interested in sustainable living, gardening, yoga, dance and natural building.

  5. Lydia R ainbow says:

    I like the idea of not living alone. It sounds like a kibbutz style of living. I would like to get info on the Ecovillage lifestyle. I also need to know about the monetary setup. I am a young senior and I like to have fun. I have many talents such as singing songs, dancing and saying funny things. I need to be in a positive environment. […] Please send me the info and where are these places near West Orange, NJ

  6. Natalie Carroccia says:

    I am interested is starting an eco village in South Jersey.

  7. April Breen says:

    So who is doing local vinegar?
    Fermentation instead of refrigeration?
    Dehydration ?
    I’m a food scientist.
    So glad to be connected here.

  8. Kathleen Visconti says:

    Send me more info please

  9. Olivia Wischmeyer says:

    I live in New Brunswick NJ but I want to get involved! Can I request more info?

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